Hello and Welcome!  My name is Julie and I am a psychic medium in the Ogden, Utah area. I currently do email Mediumship Readings and Spirit Guide Readings.

The universe is always speaking to us…sending us little messages, causing synchronicity and serendipities,reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.    -Nancy Thayer

What is an evidential medium?

An evidential medium will provide facts about your loved ones they could not possibly have known, such as how they passed, particular events, names, dates and special activities. Often times, specific clear and detailed memories will present. You will know it is your loved one the evidential medium is connecting with based upon the factual evidence presented

Recently I performed a reading for a young woman. Her grandmother was present and gave me the taste of peppermint candies. When I told her she said “Oh my gosh that was her favorite kind of candy she had bowls of them all over the house”. This was her grandmother’s way of validating she was present and connecting.

Spirit can communicate regardless of how long they have been on the other side. While some do communicate better than others, they all do have the ability to connect with you, whether they have passed one day ago, one year ago or 20 years ago. They often retain much of their personality they had while on earth albeit with a new and profound level of awareness.

What do our loved ones desire for us? It is generally the intent of spirit to bring the core of important challenges and issues to the forefront. Sometimes, they desire to do this right away. This is because of an intense desire to bring healing and growth to their loved ones still living. They realize the value of resolving issues and not leaving things unsettled before our own passing. Spirit also understands the importance of unconditional love and that we are all connected. Remember that your prayers for you loved one go a long way. They benefit from this deeply and hear you.

Our life lessons. While spirit generally comes with wonderfully insightful and profound healing messages, they will never provide information to the extent that they interfere with your life lessons and/or spiritual growth you were meant to incur. Please realize that a medium reading should not take the place of the grieving process. Some find that waiting one to two months after the loss of a loved one to schedule a reading is best.

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